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“You can only teach yourself. Until we live in a day where I can physically implant knowledge into your head, I can teach you nothing.

I can only show you things.”

Victor L. Wooten (The Music Lesson: A Spiritual Search for Growth Through Music)

My philosophy on teaching is to explore ways in which my students find their own musical expression, such as their own voice and interests. Throughout the course of their lessons, they will learn to be their own critical teacher by extensively analyzing their own weaknesses and strengths.

The core task of every lesson is to provide a variety of methods and approaches to the student to better guide them in fully comprehending and correlating every topic of each lesson.




Throughout our lessons we will cover a variety of styles and instruments with either/both the drum set and/or percussion.

We will discover and learn together the ways in which we can incorporate groove, sound, technique, musicality, creativity, the fun and wit of the instrument in order to have a full understanding of the musical picture.

In our lessons we will discuss the practicalities of playing in an ensemble that pose the questions, when, what, how and why?

My lessons are designed for your individual goals.

With the experience of private teaching and experience during my studies, I have been able to work with students of all ages and have been properly trained to offer guidance to students in areas such as:

  • Drum set oriented lessons for bands

  • classical orchestra

  • Band coaching

  • Rhythm training or similar




The voice is one of the highest levels of individuailty a person can have.


Learning the different ways in which one can explore their unique characteristics through the voice can be a valuable aspect that extends to all facets of music, whether it be for improving your own instrumental voice or when approaching another instrument.

Within each lesson, we will explore ways to find your own voice by implementing in every work technique, musicality, creativity, expression and how to work with other instruments in combination with your voice.

For my lessons

--> I have two rehearsal rooms available

--> I am mobile

--> offer live video lessons

--> or individual video coaching.


The combination of these options (classroom <-> video lessons) offers individually tailored instrumental lessons.

I am looking forward to meeting you!

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